There is a $35 application fee per applicant over 17 years old. Please contact our office after filling out this application, 910-277-0743, to pay and have your application evaluated. By filling out this application you are declaring that the statements are true and correct, and hereby authorize verification of the references given as well as background and credit checks.

Applicant Information
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Reason for Moving:
Co-Applicant Information
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Co-Applicant Birth Date:
Co-Applicant Drivers License:
Co-Applicant State License Issued:
Co-Applicant Current Employer:
Co-Applicant How Long Employed:
Co-Applicant Gross Monthly Income from Employer:
Co-Applicant Other Monthly Income:
Co-Applicant Email Address:
Co-Applicant Current or Most Recent Landlord Name:
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Contact Information
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Evening Phone:
Other Information
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Interested In:
Have You Ever Been Evicted?:
Have You Ever Filed Bankruptcy?:
List any other people and their ages that will be living in the home:
 Personal Reference Name, Address and Phone Number:
 Do You Have Pets? If yes, what are they?:
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I authorize Southern Mini Storage, Inc to verify
my credit and employment history.

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